Derrick Lang (Geneve)

Open basketball camp coach of Do The Right Move


Derrick Lang

« I share the core values of Do The Right Move because my vision is the same, we can all make a difference when we decide to do the right move… »

Open basket-ball camp coach of Do the right move


Derrick is a Professional Athlete with an outstanding background of over 15 years of international experience. Derrick has played basketball for 13 years professionally around the world, in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Germany, and Switzerland, obtaining 5 championships throughout his journey.

As a Swiss Basketball Certified Youth Coach and Certified Personal Trainer, Derrick has trained internationally privately for individual improvement and skills development In Switzerland, Brazil and America.

He brings both his passion and vast multicultural expertise in building a hollistic approach to sports and wellness. Derrick is particularly interested in the Youth, providing mentorship and guidance to help them pursue opportunities through sports and life that may not have existed before. Using a clear vision he is creating the building blocks and a strong foundation of positive influences that will leave a everlasting Impact on the future.


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